Loveless Motel Recording Studio

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I help people make their music into records. I work really hard, getting incredible sounds from an extensive collection of well cared for vintage instruments, microphones, preamplifiers and compressors.

My studio is beautiful, spacious and comfortable. There are large open sounding areas and tight, confined sounding areas. Ceilings are from 9 to 13 feet, with enough space to record a full band together in one room with minimal bleed. I can also isolate sources for maximum separation. There are many areas around the studio where ambient sounds can be captured to add a unique sonic signature that cannot be emulated by plugins.

You'll like working here. Instruments are everywhere and waiting to be played. There is an enormous and comfortable couch and nice chairs to hang out in while your project is brought to life. Lighting is variable to suit the mood of the work. There is a refrigerator full of cold drinks. The internet permeates the air at the studio, so you can bring your laptop, or use the super secret writer's tower where many songs have been refined to perfection.

I've done huge, complex, super-slick, multi-producer projects like Ozma's "Pasadena" (5 month lockout), and also loud, trashy, fast projects like Hell Yeah's "Return to Karate Island" (16 hours), many to critical acclaim.